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You know you want a mutual scheme – so what do we bring to the party?

  • We enable big savings and big service improvements by having a holistic approach to staff absence mutual schemes and doing lots of little things well, which all add up.
  • We know mutual schemes’ strengths and have identified all the weaknesses in them and created relevant tools  and a methodology to address them all with the help of local authorities and industry experts.
  • We know how insurance companies work and we have an in-depth statistical knowledge of insurance data across the country and across many different types of schemes.
  • We have seen what works well and we have seen what causes problems. No one else is as committed to mutual schemes as Esphera Solutions.
  • We have a proven approach to partnering with local authorities from small metropolitan borough, through unitary authorities right up to sizeable county councils.
  • Implementation of our software, knowledge and methodology has a positive net financial impact, you will save a multiple of what it costs and you are preventing the nightmare scenario of schools paying excessive cash over to insurance companies that you will never see again.
  • We provide you with the ability to get the highest return:spend ratio. On average with commercial insurance you can expect to get 67% of schools money returned. With an Esphera ACMS backed scheme you can expect 90%+ back.
  • Our unique “Equaliser” tool ensures that no school loses out massively so that the ratio of scheme contributions to payments received back is managed and all schools’ contributions are adjusted such that they are the minimum possible compared to payouts. No more paying loads in and receiving little back.
  • Administration Costs
  • Cost due to human errors
  • Stop-loss insurance costs
  • Schools’ contribution charges for given benefit level

For any given set of benefits for a group of schools we will undoubtedly be able to facilitate a scheme with the minimal costs

  • Levels of Buy-In
  • Accuracy, Fairness and Reliability of Contributions
  • Efficiency
  • Speed of Processing Claims
  • Identification of high cost problem areas
  • Service to Schools
  • Stability and Longevity of Scheme
  • Overall Cost of Scheme
  • Administration & Processing
  • Inequitable cross-subsidising
  • Problems
  • Queries
  • Long Term Absences
  • Volatility and Risk Levels
  • Errors
  • Paperwork
  • Renewals Headaches

If your goal is to save money or offer best  value then you should definitely be operating a mutual fund to help schools and you can do this on an optimal basis by contacting us now.

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