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Specialist SaaS Solutions

SaaS – or ‘Software as a Service’. Esphera is able to provide a number of services under this umbrella. Services in this area are offered on a ‘you-pay-for-what-you-use’ basis.

Esphera Solutions acts as an Application Service Provider focusing on a range of market sectors where we feel able to offer on-line software solutions with comprehensive functionality coupled to realistic, value for money pricing structures. We offer prebuilt solutions or can build a bespoke solution to your requirements. Either way, the solutions offer clear, tangible benefits to improve efficiency and effectiveness within an easy to budget cost framework. All in all, the essential components to help you succeed.

Prebuilt Hosted Applications

The cost-effective, low risk alternative to in-house solutions. No more high IT development and support costs. We have spent a significant amount of time researching and investigating particular business process areas to discover the key elements that are required to give a fundamental boost and improvement to certain functions. So much so that we have invested significantly in the development costs of these applications because we believe that the benefits that accrue and the demand for these services is so clear that we are confident we can provide them at a cost unattainable elsewhere.

Our applications have the following advantages

  • Providing comprehensive relevant functionality directed at your business
  • Reducing business costs – low cost of entry, affordable ongoing costs
  • Transparent costing – if you are not getting a benefit it doesn’t cost you
  • Short setup time
  • Reliability – Technology and architecture proven elsewhere
  • Reduction in time spent on repetitive common tasks and processes
  • Improved Productivity – potentially reducing headcount
  • Eliminates specialised IT infrastructure from your organisation – you just need a PC and a dedicated internet connection, no hardware, network, application or database to support
  • Improved Communication/Reporting and Monitoring of Common Business Processes
  • Improved Security and Management of data/information collected
  • Improved multi-party interaction for processes where there is frequent back-and-forth dialogue
  • Instant upgrades – no need to constantly meddle with your PCs.
  • Constantly improving – you make suggestions via AIR (Application Improvement Register) and we incorporate the most popular ones as soon as we can – sometimes within days.

The cost of these applications will be significantly less than having your own software designed/installed due to economies of scale by many other similar organisations also using the same applications. In addition, the costs can easily be input to a costing model to illustrate the positive effect in a simple cost/benefit analysis.

Our primary offering is for Local Authorities, Schools and Mutual Groups and enables them to optimise and manage their Mutual School Staff Sickness Funds with our Absence and Claims Management System. For other offerings see the main menu.

Our Media Distribution Platform provided by our E-Media department is also sold as a ‘SaaS’ product.

Security Reliability and Performance

All our applications and websites are hosted in a state of the art datacentre ensuring that your business system has unbeatable performance, security, reliability and resilience. We believe that no one can offer the same degree of functionality and quality of service for the price and we will make every effort to ensure this remains the case.