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Scheme Review

If you are wondering why your scheme is not working as well as you had hoped or are simply wanting to ensure that your scheme is keeping pace with external market conditions, then we can provide you with a thorough review.

We will check your existing scheme’s terms and conditions to see how they meet the current standard for mutual schemes. Over the years we have seen the types of membership rules which attract schools and those which can push schools into looking at the commercial alternatives.

We can benchmark your scheme against commercial schemes so that when you promote your scheme to schools they are able to compare on a “like-for-like” basis as so often commercial providers will offer a cut-price service but schools are unable to see the extent of the inclusions and exclusions that can make all the difference to what you pay and what you receive.

We can provide you with guidance on how best to get the message across to schools and what they should be considering and evaluating when the time comes for them to choose the best staff absence cost mitigation solution for them.

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