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Scheme Management Software Platform

One of the key success factors for any mutual scheme is to have a control and management system in place to ensure that it can operate effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

We have a unique software service platform that enables you to implement your scheme in the best possible way to ensure success and yet allow to control the administration with as little effort as possible. Our software platform runs in the cloud, so can be used from anywhere, and can eradicate the necessity to have mountains of paper to back up your scheme. All data and information is immediately at your fingertips.

Our Absence and Claims Management System (ACMS) platform requires a central administrator or scheme operator, which is usually the local authority for the schools. However, this could quite easily be any party that wishes to implement a scheme for a group of schools. More recently we are witnessing schools’ mutual groups wishing to establish funds and utilise our software to get the optimal set of conditions for best value staff absence funds.

Whilst the platform is an electronic data system, schools information can be submitted in a number of ways to suit any particular school setup

  • On paper sent from individual schools to the administrator/ scheme operator
  • Electronically via a login to the system
  • Automatically via a central HR/ERP system which is already in use to record school details and staff absences

If you utilise this core service you will automatically get a review of your scheme and we will provide ongoing data analysis to keep you on track.

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